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Gran Turismo №5 - General review of the game.

In an interview with the producer of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi somehow mentioned that he could not play any racing games except his own for more than five minutes. According to Yamauchi, they are all made lightly and generally unworthy of being called real simulators - unlike, of course, Gran Turismo 5.

Opponents of Gran Turismo (and, like any major cultural phenomenon, Gran Turismo must also have their opponents) in response to this statement, will certainly accuse Yamauchi-san of snobbery and advise him at least to get out of Japan, where for a long time there are Forza Motorsport 3, Need for Speed: Shift and others, not like the more friendly and humane race. Gran Turismo really evolves, to put it mildly, slowly: only to the fifth part of Yamauchi under pressure from fans decided to add traces left by rubber on the asphalt to the game - once the weak forces of the first PlayStation simply didn’t have enough for this banal thing, and do and in the next games.

But, in our opinion, the beauty of the current situation is that thanks to this creative isolation from the outside world, you and I got a completely unique racing game, which is not close to anything else. The point here is not even in the notorious thousand cars - in the fourth part there were a little less of them (and on the Hamburg score - even more, but we'll talk about this later). Not in the 80-million budget or six years of development - in a world where there is Duke Nukem Forever, this will not surprise anyone.

Platform: PlayStation 3

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